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Amrapali Clubhouse

Location - Bangalore, India
Total built up area- 10,000 Sq.ft
The idea while designing was to break the monotony created by the 8 towers around the plot and hence giving a fresh look to the entire master plan.
Human psychology of getting attracted to different shapes amidst the usual ones is used here. The form of the club house develops a sense of curiosity in the viewer; hence driving them towards the club house.
A play of levels adds on to the curiosity created through shapes. These levels are solved technically with the use of ramps. Utmost care was taken while segregating the circulation within and around the club house. Walkways and landscape mounts were added to the exterior for connecting the spaces. It helped in bringing a sense of interest while commuting the space. Every walkway designed served a particular purpose and architect made sure separate walkways were provided for different purposes.
The club house has all the amenities like conference halls, recreational spaces, bars, a terrace swimming pool etc.

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