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IMS Katra

The Katra Inter Modal Station, is designed with a motive to provide the devotees or pilgrims coming to Mata Vaishno Devi Temple, Katra all necessary facilities of transportation,
As the footfall to the Mata Vaishno Devi Temple is increasing, and studies says that the number increases to 1 lakh in 2025.
It is important to provide all the facilities of transportation and accommodation, for which an Intermodal Station will be a solution.
As the devotees face lack of mode of transportations to visit the Mata Vaishno Devi temple, implementing such an Intermodal will solve all the problems faced by all the devotees travelling to Katra by bus, car, or any other transits.

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G Villa is designed on a plot amidst the town with a finite amount of area, with neighboring residences on the all sides. The villa is designed for a modest family of a married couple with their son and a daughter.

The Client wanted a simple yet elegant house integrated with nature and thus the Villa is highlighted with a courtyard. The Courtyard helps an ample supply of air and ventilation inside the Villa and also welcomes birds and butterflies into the house.

The villa's design has been kept simple and neat while incorporating nature. Importance has been given in planning the house such that everything is well-connected as well as the house is naturally well lit and ventilated.

The Villa is 4-Bedroom Villa with Office cum Library space and Home Theatre. The Ground Floor is planned with a Formal and Informal Living, Dining Space, a simple and spacious Kitchen with work areas and 2 bedrooms with attached dress and toilets.

The centre portion of the house is highlighted with a wooden textured passage which enriches the view from the formal living to the dining.

The Ground Floor and the First floor are connected with a beautiful staircase which stands in the courtyard, which reenergizes everyone who uses it anytime.

The first floor is well planned with a lovely and distinctive library as the Client enjoy reading, a Home theatre, 2 bedrooms with attached dress and toilets and a balcony big enough to be converted into Party Area.

The elevation of the house stands with a texture of breeze blocks and glass windows. Minimal palette of colors and textures are used in the design which makes it look simple and elegant in its minimal design. The house is constituted with a single car parking.

G-Villa_MARS Architects_Concept Sketch.jpg
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