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Location - Bangalore, India
Total built up area- 2 Million Sq.ft
The amenity block of Flipkart is of 2 million sqft, which is the face of the complex. This project was developed by Ar. Mahendra Mohan for RSP. It was important to design a head turning building to attract the users. The amenity block houses various facilities like food courts, banks etc. Delivering a design which is equally head turning and of a maximum built up area was the challenge.
The amenity block is the only block which the public can access. To give an inside out touch landscapes and greenery is added. A multipurpose space designed resembling an amphitheatre, which can be adapted and equipped to a space for conducting programs when needed. Otherwise the space acts as spaces of interaction and as connecting pathways. These unconventional pathways add a sense of curiosity when one commutes through.
The pathways not just help in providing a better circulation but also in releasing the stress and radiating freshness into the users.

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