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Soccer Stadium 

Location - Ottapalam, Palakkad, Kerala

Seating Capacity- 3000


The site is located in Kerala, in the lower side of a mountain which gives an additional beauty to the site. The site belongs to a school with an existing playground and is proposed as a football stadium. The 2.5m level difference between the football ground level and road level has been used for accommodating the commercial spaces, thus effectively using the dead spaces formed below the seating. A separate service entry is provided in the right side for heavy vehicle entry.The natural contour on the base of the mountain was effectively used for seating without altering the existing profile of the land. The 45mx90m standard size for the ground has been achieved. Provision for player changing rooms, toilets etc. has been provided with separate entries in the main building. These rooms can also be used for other functions such as parties, meetings etc. Meeting rooms are provided along with office spaces. Stairs are provided by taking fire exits into consideration. As a mandatory design policy of MARS the existing trees are retained in the site. The structure is designed in a fluidic concept.

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