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IT campus kochi.jpg

IT Campus

Location - Kochi
Area - 1.5 million sqft
The proposed IT Park in Kochi is designed according to the prevailing contours in the site. The serenity of the view helps the employees to have a better working environment. The climatic factors existing in the state is taken into consideration.
The shape of the tower is inspired from the natural contour and existing site elements, like the water body in the lower level, the river and the lush green paddy fields. The adoption of naturally occurring curves of the contour enhances the building language.
The IT Park comprises of 5 towers. The towers can be accessed through the lower level and the higher level entry. The entry to the tower is through ramps which then lead to the podium, which has the amenities like food court, bank, dining areas etc. The natural levels of the site are solved and the spaces are interconnected through the ramps. The layout of the IT Park is in such a way that it is functional even during the worst case scenarios like flooding of the site.

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