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IT Campus for rsp

Location - Noida
Total built up area-4.3Million Sq.ft
Playing a key part in Noida’s urban development, this 420m high IT campus is India’s tallest office building, which serves as a business hub with office spaces, recreation spaces, rooms, 9 levels of parking.
The scheme carefully balances uniqueness and flexibility, to produce efficiency in services, planning and operation, and yet responsive to the climate. The design by Ar.Mahendra Mohan for RSP stands out in all perspectives from its striking flowing structure to its standing out horizontal and vertical towers. The conventional series of block towers have been broken down without compromising the maximum build-up area to be acquired. The form of the building was derived at a very initial stage of design, buts its execution remained a challenge. The incorporation of services with such an unconventional form was achieved.
The C shaped horizontally spread 1st tower with its 14 levels, out of which 7 levels are car parking is common to the 2 towers. The smaller tower also consist of an auditorium with 3000 people capacity beneath the podium, above which amenities and common spaces are provided, like food courts, banks, stalls etc.
As the all the previous works, the team was particular about inducing green spaces and interactive zones in the design. Podiums were designed for the same. The hotel rooms were aligned along the boundary of the building to get a better view and lighting.
The office spaces had separate entries for the clients and the employees. The organising of spaces was done with utmost care to accomplish an easy movement and access to various spaces.

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