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Casa Grande Apartments, Andhra Pradhesh

Nakshatra Builders
Location- Tirupati

Total Builtup Area- 0.8 million Sq.Ft

Casa Grande is a residential project by Mars Architects for Nakshatra builders in Thirupati, Andra Pradesh.

Reason for calling these apartments as vertical homes is the way they have been designed. Every apartment is designed like a separate home maintaining the privacy and features of home but vertically.

The apartments are designed in 9 blocks as residential towers sited in 8 acres in 6 storeys. The design strikes balance between built area and green space. Each home is designed in a such a way that it gets maximum light and ventilation and the beauty of nearby lake. Porosity between units allows maximum air circulation. Lake View Apartment is equipped with a host of comfort and luxuries that perfectly complement client demanding lifestyle. The site itself is very beautiful opening to alluring greenery, lake view. This helped designed team to bring out the best.

The project is designed in a unique way to ensure the comfort of living.

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