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Mapher Appartment, Hyderabad

Location - Hyderabad

Area - 70,000 sqft

Maphar is a high class luxury residential building in Hyderabad, which was designed purely on Vastu. The client was particular of each module being a 3BHK and all of them having an access from East or North according to Vastu. Despite of all the constraints of the site and design limitations due to Vastu MARS was able to deliver a result satisfying the client and was able to achieve the maximum built up area possible. The design was a success as the modules were of high economic value. Due to the limitations in the site, efforts were taken to incorporate landscape and swimming pool. It was achieved through the construction of a strip on the linear side of the site.

Special consideration was taken in utilising the views on either sides of the site in favour of the view from the modules. The traffic management in the space was a challenge and was solved through a detailed traffic study.

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