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Location -Dubai
Total built up area- 13000 sqft
Mustwayt is a residence designed for Abdul Rahman. The client wanted a contemporary villa, equipped with modern technologies. The idea of a family accommodation with generous spaces for entertaining was the idea of the client for the function of this house in Dubai.
The play of levels can be seen in the functional arrangement of the villa. The entry directly leads to the garage with four car parking and the living room with double height ceiling followed by dining and kitchen. Once we move up we reach the Majllis and family living. It further leads to the corridors connecting the bedroom. This helps with the privacy of each room. The core of the house has a central courtyard with the provision of lift to access the various levels.
The courtyard is kept live and fresh with carefully chosen landscape. The upper level has the kid’s room, and the master bedroom along the swimming pool side. To maintain privacy the pool is enclosed in the terrace. The exterior is well designed with slanting walls in the two side of the building which create a dynamic angular flow of design in the building.
The right balance between architecture and landscape resulted in the segregation of spaces and ensured its privacy.

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