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Rain Forest Villas_Jain Heights

Designed for Jain Heights
Location- Bangalore
Area- 1 M Sq. F.

Rain forest villas is a residential project comprising 330 villas of 8 different types. As project name itself suggests that it is a scintillating blend of nature with human life. The design team found this forest villa inspiration from site unique features.

Each villa unit is designed in a different way and level maintaining its uniqueness and beauty. These villas are designed to accommodate owners essentials with its outdoor improved connections. Vastu has been considered in designing for doors, bedrooms, kitchen, entrances.

The Balinese architecture style enriches its beauty providing maximum sunlight, proper ventilation and comfort living. Sunlight has been maintained by proper combination of wood and glass in structural composition. Generous planning setbacks provide each home a street face and large courtyard in front, making it a proper ventilated place. Open plan with interactive spaces provides socializing zones, creating a comfort living for families.

Rain forest villas have every aspect of a comfortable home with its utmost perfection and quality of living ensured in every corner

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