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Shopping Mall, Hyderabad

Location - Hyderabad
Developing an eccentric building, with respect to all the requirement standards was the challenge faced by the team. A perfect balance of entertainment, leisure components, dining spaces and commercial zones is required while designing a mall. The spaces of interaction play a crucial role in the working of the design on site. They act as the point of convergence and grandeur.
In the Mall of Hyderabad a shape to achieve a better built up area was derived with respect to the site. A smoother shape with no edges was adopted to create a sense of curiosity in the viewer.
An ample car parking is provided in the basement for the visitors and the employees. The mall has 3 basement levels of which two are dedicated entirely for parking. Three floors of retail spaces, an entire floor dedicated for entertainment and cinemas and another serving as a food court. As one reaches the scenic podium above, it leads them to the office spaces.

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