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About MARS

MARS Architects are International award holding firm for their design excellence and known in the international market for their unique designs.

MARS designs covering Commercial buildings (IT Parks, Healthcare, Hospitality), Industrial parks, Sports, Exhibition Museum and Residential projects along with Landscapes.  


MARS make their project successful by doing research on “WHAT CLIENT WANTS” and “WHAT MARKET WANTS”.

MARS designs cover Commercial buildings (IT Parks, Healthcare, Hospitality), Industrial parks, Sports, Exhibition centers and Residential projects and Landscape. Please have a look on our website, and LinkedIn profile.  

MARS has effectively satisfied builders Jain Heights, Embassy, Shriram Properties, Nakshatra Builders, SS Greenfields, Abhyudhya Developers, Axis builders, Historic homes, Bogineni with  our designs.

Recently MARS have designed 1 M.sq.f IT campus for confidential client at Bengaluru, 0.8Msq.f residential project for Nakshatra builders at Tirupati, 24 Acres Royaloak International Exhibition centre and warehouse with 330 villas in 27 Acres (1 M Sq. Ft.) in Bangalore for Jain Heights,160 Acre Sriperumbudur Industrial park for Embassy,
MARS is executing projects in pan India and expanding in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Azerbaijan as well marking our overseas presence. 


MARS have designed International Cultural Park at Mangolia, one Public park in Abu Dhabi, warehouse project for Premier logistics and Mister light in Dubai. One other residential project in Dubai .Proposed one township plan in Riyad, Saudi Arabia and few more hospitals in Oman and Qatar.


In South Korea, MARS has designed a public library, which is highly appreciated in the market.

In India, MARS project varies from 0.5 M Sq. Ft. to 3.5 M Sq. Ft. 

Recent Awards:

Bharat Nirman Award 2021

Top 100 in the World by UK organization -2021

Hybrid Award by USA organization -2021

World Confederation of Business Award Biz -2020

Indian Achievers  Award for young Entrepreneur - 2020

Pride of Bharat - 2021

Global  Architects & Builders Award(for commercial) - 2021

Global  Architects & Builders Award (for residential) - 2021


MARS always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 9048898933

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