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Beginning of Design


1) What is MARS Architect's fee ?

MARS Architect's fee is competitive. We charge according to the market rate for the particular location. It will vary depending on the scale and scope of the project.

1a) Architecture fee is an additional expense? Why I should choose MARS Architects?

First of all the architect’s fee is not an expense, which will be an investment for your project. In terms of commercial projects, the business you get from your building depends on the quality and efficiency of the building. In residential projects, the quality of life you get while you living in the residence.

You are going to get 200% of what you pay in terms of design quality. The design quality varies ​depending on the time an architect puts for your project. MARS Architects put enough time and research for any project to create quality design and deliver to client.

Design with less time, less payment, less effort and less quality is an alternative choice for you but we do not choose this for our clients.

2) What are the types of projects & services MARS provide?

We at MARS Architects, design Residential, IT campuses, Commercial, Public buildings, Sports, Industrial and Institutional projects.

We provide Architecture, Interior and Landscape design services.

3) Do MARS provide services across the globe? What would be the fee?

Yes. Currently we are doing projects in Middle East, Asia & USA.

Architecture fee for the project will vary depending on the location of your project, where MARS Architect's fee remain constant and the fee for local Architect we appoint at your location for the authority approvals and project management may vary. And fee will be as per market standards, which will be competitive.

4) Is it possible to make all meetings and discussions online and completely handling architecture design through online across the globe?

Yes. During the current pandemic, we MARS have completed 5 design projects completely online. Our team was working from home from different locations and all discussions, coordination was in online platform. Now we are developing and focusing more on the cloud based platforms for easy work culture. However, several site visits are unavoidable during the construction. Either we do it from our team or we appoint professionals from your location for the same.

5) Can we approach MARS before buying a land? Will MARS do feasibility study and share report to us? Is there any fee for that? 


Yes. We will help you on getting an idea of the feasibility for the project. There will be nominal charges. 

6) Have MARS suggested any client, not to do the project or buy the land, after doing feasibility study? Any example?

Yes. For a residential tower project, for client "Kolte-Patil Developers" after feasibility study we found that buying that particular site may risk the investment. There was a nala on the site, as it was narrow, as per building bylaws we could direct the nala through a proper channel along the site boundaries, but still we had to provide setbacks. After giving all setbacks, the floor plate efficiency is too less and we had to go for G+40. If we go with land price and construction cost, the selling price will be higher than the market price. so we suggested the client, not to buy the land and check for another one.


7) I have an Architect who is working with me more than 10 years. I am very comfortable with their services. But we really liked your futuristic and unique designs. Will you do only architecture design concept + masterplan and rest scope with my current Architect? In that case how will be your fee?

Yes. We can do from design concept to design development stage and rest of the stages with your current Architect. And also we can coordinate with your current Architect for all stages.

In this case our fee will be only till Schematic design stage (Design concept with masterplan)


8) Is there any advance amount to be paid initially to MARS? Why it is necessary? 

Yes. There will be a small amount of advance payment before starting the design. Rest will be as per stage wise. 

Our team at MARS architects puts a lot of effort on your project to make it a success. We start with feasibility study, market study, site study and make sure that once the project is completed, it will be as per what market demands. We will inform you in advance if any thing has to be added or revised in your requirements. 

Designing something which is not demanded by the market may risk your investment. There is a lot of brainstorming sessions, time and energy to put for your project at the beginning by our team.

Basic masterplan, traffic plan, no. of people, parking, floor plate efficiency, even the selling rates will be in our mind while starting the concept. That's why always clients approve the scheme on the first design presentation itself. That is our success story.

9) Will you do small scale projects like houses in MARS?

Yes, we do. Our office at Ottapalam, Kerala, India is focusing on Residential towers, Villas and House projects.

10) Is there any site visit charges? Why? 


Yes. The Architects who visit your site use their working time for your project. It will be according to the time required for your project site visit. We get information on the accessibility, climatic conditions, vegetations etc. during site visit.

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